The African Cinema Movie Series 7 p.m. Feb. 28, Afrikmall, 10180 E. Colfax Ave. Tickets are $15 for singles or $20 for couples. Price includes entry, popcorn, dinner and a drink. Tickets are available at Visit the Afrikmall Facebook page for more information.

Valentine’s Day 2017 may be a solid 51 weeks away, but that doesn’t mean that dates with the hubby or hubbette (sic) need to go on an annual hiatus, Cassa-no-fun. And the folks at East Colfax’s newest cultural institution, Afrikmall, are serving up a tasty chance to maintain those sparks that you (re)ignited Feb. 14. The center of African cuisine and culture is starting a ludicrously affordable cinema series that boasts a movie, dinner and a drink for two for the measly price tag of one Alexander Hamilton. This week, the evening’s entertainment will come courtesy of the Nigerian film “Road to Yesterday,” which stars Genevieve Nnaji and Oris Erhuero. Don’t miss this chance to watch something that isn’t as easy to find on the Internet as every American movie made in the last 100 years and check out Aurora’s newest cultural fixture.

Vinyl Night 6 to 8 p.m., March 2, Mu Brewery, 9735 E. Colfax Ave. Free. Call 720-446-8273 for more information.

Despite the widespread proliferation of the digitization of music in recent years — from 160 gigabyte devices that can be hidden within a deck of cards to the latest spat over streaming services — that soothing, clear-yet-masked timber of vinyl records has stared father time in the face and asked, “what, is that beard supposed to scare me or something?” And luckily, for longtime supporters of the medium and embracers of its recent renaissance alike, Aurora’s Mu Brewery has decided to dedicate two hours a week to those lovable black discs. Dubbed “Vinyl Wednesdays,” Mu asks muisc-lovin’, beer-guzzlin’ patrons to bring their favorite LPs starting at 6 p.m. each Wednesday. The first eight to show up get to play one side of their chosen record, and after all As and Bs are accounted for, the populous votes for that week’s best/weirdest/gooviest tunes. The Chosen One is then awarded free tickets to local theater productions, gift cards, free festival entry or whatever bone the Mu folks are kind enough to dish out that week.


Guys & Dolls 7:30 p.m. Feb. 26 & 27, or 3 p.m. Feb. 28, Center Stage, 27608 Fireweed Dr., Evergreen. Tickets are $24. Call 303-674-4002 or visit for more information.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that any show set on Fireweed Drive is going to be a good time, and this weekend’s opening production of “Guys & Dolls” by The Evergreen Chorale promises to be no exception. Directed by Pat Payne, the show is an up-and-down, happily-ever-after classic that has enthralled audiences for more than 50 years. The production in Evergreen runs through March 6.

The Emperor’s New Clothes 1 p.m., Feb. 27, Miners Alley Playhouse, 1224 Washington Ave., Golden. Tickets are $10. The show is intended for children ages 3 and up. Call 303-935-3044 or visit for more information.

Emperors — so hot these days. After the blogosphere blew up in December over the true heir to the Star Wars Empire — what’s up with this Snoke guy? — Emperors were back in the game like a hierarchical Brett Favre. And it seems like the folks at the Miners Alley Children’s Theatre got the memo — well, sorta. Chock full of endearing messages for the tykes — including the golden rule and all of the moral highground that comes with it — “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is an admirable, adorable reason to make the trek to Golden. And, well, the fact that the free Coors Brewery tour starts just up the road certainly doesn’t hurt.

Unstruck Sound 1:30 and 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 27, at the KRD Venue, 9900 E. Colfax Ave. 303-825-4847 or for details.

Finally, a payoff for the many hours you’ve spent in recent weeks binging on “Mozart in the Jungle.” That newfound appreciation for all things classical will perfectly play into the winter concert of Kim Robards Dance. The performance will feature dances set to Act III of the ballet “Sleeping Beauty” as well as Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.