Literally once someone asked what beer they should try over the weekend. After the initial surprise of being tabbed as a functional alcoholic friend with one particular benefit, I was honored to tap my encyclopedic (my word, not theirs) of beers and spew something that vaguely resembled a recommendation.

Since then, I’ve picked up the banner of telling people — whether they ask or not — what beers they should try.

Consequently, I’m pleased to announce to you what beer you’d like to have this weekend. Because I’m solid like that.

Without further adieu:


WHAT: Upslope Brewing Co.’s Thai Style White IPA

WHERE: Initially, I found the can in a brewer’s pick 12-pack, but it has since been replaced. I’ve seen it available as a six-pack, but availability is limited. Plenty of stores still have the IPA, but it may be worth calling ahead instead of just showing up. P.S. They’re mostly gone because people like me are drinking all of them.

WHY: Because it’s not really an IPA. The Thai flavors and bright citrus punch harder than the hops and it’s not being a jerk about it. I love hops, I really do, but anyone can dry hop a Coors these days and call it craft — and a lot do. The Thai Style is floral without being hoppy, bright without being a summer seasonal and spicy without being dorky. (Chili beers are just dorky, sorry.)

WHAT IT REMINDS ME OF: Any citrusy IPA. Deschutes Fresh Squeezed was on my list not too long ago ago, and like the Thai Style, I’m sure it’s going away as the colder months progress.

PAIR IT WITH: Asian food (not too spicy) consumed on your couch. You don’t even have to wear pants if you don’t want to.