Editor: After enduring yet another year of raging wildfires, record-breaking temperatures, and dwindling stream flows, it is of utmost importance to enact bills that favor the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Last year we witnessed how climate change ravaged through our forest and public lands. We are at the tipping point and although scientists have warned us for years that this would happen, we have all collectively found ourselves in a ‘now or never situation’. This is what happens when science is ignored. In some shape or form, we are all going to experience the negative effects of climate change. Unfortunately, some of us already are.

However, not all hope is lost. The Transportation Funding bill will be one of many pieces of legislation that will help curtail GHG emissions. In Colorado, the largest source of GHG pollution is the transportation sector. Achieving Colorado’s 2030 GHG emissions target will require changes in the way we chose to commute in addition to changes in transportation infrastructure. Revamping the transportation system in Colorado would also decrease local air pollution that disproportionately impacts communities of color and low social-economic status. Improving access to public transportation, increasing the gas tax, and allowing for equity in access to electric vehicles are some examples that can help Colorado accomplish its 2030 emissions target.

Senator Hansen and representative Valdez, I thank you both for championing bills that favor the environment. Senators Robert Rodriquez and James Coleman, I ask that you do the same this legislative session. Thank you.

— Stephanie Valencia-Gaeta, via letters@sentinelcolorado.com