Editor: I implore the current legislature to account for an equitable expansion of the public transit network in the future transportation funding bill.

Simply expanding roads and highways will not solve issues with our current infrastructure and provide affordable education to those living in low-income urban neighborhoods. Environmental justice is social justice and the state of Colorado must take actionable steps to help Colorado citizens learn about the effects of current environmental impacts.

Expanding environmental education to marginalized communities is not a lack of valuable programming, but a problem with accessibility. It is baffling how organizations across Denver offer a variety of discounts and free days to reach those in need of assistance, yet no amount of discounts matter if we could not get people to our site. If we cannot connect citizens to the resources Denver has to offer, then we are failing to educate our citizens on environmental health and impacts of living in an urban environment.

Environmental education opportunities should not be a privilege saved for the upper-middle class. It is our duty as allies to those across socioeconomic class and racial diversity to create a moveable, equitable city. I call on state senators Rodriguez and Coleman to create a more sustainable transportation system in Colorado that can benefit all.

— Elisabeth Mahoney, via letters@sentinelcolorado.com