LETTERS: Tom Kim will help Colorado get back on track


Editor: In recent years the community that we all love has followed an awful trend seen in burgeoning population centers. The rise of drugs, street crime, violence and gang violence is happening everywhere I look. I am sure the readers of this publication are also aware of this trend.

Colorado began straying from the path in recent years after the passage of legislation in 2019 which made possession of large amounts of fentanyl a misdemeanor. Erosions of the cash bail system to keep violent offenders from walking our streets played a role in this too. “Defunding the Police” and other policies that some in the legislature supported in 2020 destabilized us even further.

If we do not want to become like some of the worst cities for crime (Chicago, Baltimore, Newark to name a few) we have very little time to turn this ship around.

I typically do not resort to measures like this, and I usually do not like to involve myself in issues publicly. But I am writing this letter to inform and encourage anyone who reads this to vote for Tom Kim, candidate for the Senate District 27 seat in the state legislature.
Tom Kim impresses me both with his concern for safety and his plan to help us get back there.

Tom is committed to supporting local law enforcement, enforcing policies meant to keep
dangerous criminals in jail, and cleaning up our streets from drugs and violence. He is the only candidate in the race that I have heard take any stand on the issue.
Vote Tom Kim in the June 28th Republican Primary.

Mark Gustafson, via [email protected]

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Joe Felice
Joe Felice
5 months ago

Yes, one person is going to solve ALL these problems. Whatever. Just like they stopped with the firing of our Chief of Police. And homeless will also be cured. I am certainly going to study up on this guy. He must be one truly-amazing person.