LETTERS: To protect Colorado air quality, we need to do more


Editor: Have you ever been walking on Aurora’s streets and suddenly found yourself out of breath? There’s a reason for that. Our air quality is some of the worst in the world, and Jim Robbins from Sentinel Colorado reports that last year alone, we had 65 ozone alert days between May 31st and August 31st.

Fortunately for us, this past legislative session was productive for our environment. The measures passed this past session will make public transit free in the months August 2022 and 2023, a month full of ozone alerts. They will also fund the transition to electric school buses and investment in e-bikes. Moreover, there are initiatives to make the city more walkable and bikeable in the hopes of decreasing car pollution.

All of these measures work towards decreasing emissions to clean up our air. Free public transit and increased walkability aim to decrease the number of drivers – especially single-commuter cars – on the road which should significantly reduce emissions. Further, implementation of electric school buses will completely eliminate the carbon produced by school buses.

While we’re making steps in the right direction, those steps aren’t enough. Robbins explains that the air quality goal set by these measures are “a difficult goal to achieve [but] that it isn’t low enough to protect public health.” He acknowledges that any improvement of the air quality is certainly a success for the city, but that we must do more if we want a healthy environment.

Colorado has demonstrated a commitment toward clean air, but there’s still a long way to go. We need continued investment to make the necessary progress, but we can only hope to one day see a well-walked city with clean vehicles and unpolluted air.

Jordan Koler, via [email protected]

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18 days ago

To my dismay I read that we are fooling ourselves as usual.every vehicle just about has four tires and they need to be replaced as necessary say every 2 years so all that rubber and carbon is being thrown into the air daily as the tires wear down, multiply that by ??? Hundred million,?? Vehicles. Just a guess….
I am very pleased about RTD offering free rides, the asking prices are ridiculous and are counter effective at getting public usage going . There are no easy answers ever…..<