LETTERS: Tired of political ads? It’s time to further regulate them


Editor: I am tired of political ads, how about you?

I am sure I am not the only one tired of political ads, especially, those paid by political action committees (PACs) with biased and even misleading names.

Here are three broad ideas that can help regulate political ads:

1. Prohibit political ads that are paid for by PACs.

2. Limit the number of political ads paid for political parties for particular candidate and issues.

3. Limit the number of political ads paid for candidates and their campaign.

4. Set a stop ‘all’ political ad date to either a few days to a week before Election Day.

Regulating political ads is one necessary step in making our election process less of a business and more of electoral process.

The deluge of political ads are only going to get worse come the presidential and general election of 2024. We the people should do what we can do to stop the calculated and well financed manipulation of the voters by regulating and eliminating political ads.

A.J. Jarrett, via [email protected]

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Jeff Ryan
Jeff Ryan
4 months ago

So much for the First Amendment…

4 months ago

The Aussies do an election ad blackout 3 days prior to an election to allow folks time to think. Novel concept.