LETTERS: The presidency needs clear limits in using nukes


EDITOR: Eventually the election drama will end and we will have a president; however, our country and the world will continue to face ‘great’ challenges come 2021.

The issue I would like to bring up, for people to consider and which isn’t being discussed enough (or at all), can be expressed in one word, nukes.

Two important characteristics should be considered:

First, it might be surprising to know that the president (who ever it is) has sole authority for using nuclear weapons. There is absolutely no checks and balances on the president and his/her ability to use them.

This is most dangerous when the president, who ever he/she may be, becomes mentally unstable and begins to act irrationally and erratically.

Second, the US has not committed not to use nuclear weapons as a first strike, or preemptive, military strategy.

We should also consider that unfriendly agents such as: other governments, or organizations (e.g. terrorists) home or abroad could use cyber attacks to simulate a threat that would elicit a nuclear reaction that could direct a nuclear strike at completely innocent targets, since it could be virtually impossible to locate the actual source of the ‘threat’.

I strongly urge everyone to write to your legislators to pass a bill that would place limits on the use of nuclear weapons in various, two of them being:

1. Establish a check and balances system related to the use of nuclear weapons by removing the president as the sole decision maker.

2. Commit the US to a non-first strike/preemptive nuclear policy.

There is so much more we, the people, can do to keep our elected officials accountable.

— Andrew Jarrett, via [email protected]ntinelcolorado.com