LETTERS: Tech has been valuable for small business community through pandemic

Editor: For the sake of our recovery, I hope we don’t look past the reality that technology has been such an incredibly valuable partner for the small business community throughout the pandemic. I should know, having operated our family restaurant – one of the industries hardest hit by the pandemic – for the last year and a half. I simply wouldn’t have been able to keep our doors open, employees on the payroll and customers served if it weren’t for the connectivity enabled by the internet, but also the communications tools that technology companies provide at virtually no cost.

Despite technology playing an important role in our communities, it has come under significant scrutiny by some lawmakers and other elected officials here in Colorado. I completely understand that these are complicated issues that deserve some attention. But what isn’t complicated is this: tech companies uplifted small businesses like mine, and provided critical tools when we needed them most. Any policies considered by lawmakers that could impact access to these tools should be abandoned, and I’m afraid that’s what will need to happen with this latest “antitrust” package being pushed right now.

I hope our lawmakers take the benefits and conveniences that tech has delivered for small businesses into consideration when they return to Washington. We should not be wasting valuable time and energy when so much needs to be accomplished.

— Dianne Zimmerman Margotte, via [email protected]