LETTERS: Steve House is the bipartisan leader we need to replace Crow


Editor: As our country risks becoming more polarized, it’s crucial we have bipartisan leaders who represent our voices and values in a unifying way. That’s why I’m so disappointed with Jason Crow who has allied himself with polarizing figures—voting 92% of the time with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar — the former being the author of the socialist Green New Deal (which would cripple Colorado’s economy), and the latter committed to defunding the police. 

Steve House gives us a great alternative! Steve consistently demonstrates his desire and ability to serve all of our community. He’s been meeting with diverse groups across the district to listen to, understand, and discuss solutions for what’s important to them. He knows that affordable healthcare, restoring our economy, and keeping our communities and schools safe is important to all of us, no matter our demographic or political affiliation.

 Steve’s background and collaborative leadership will serve our diverse community well. He is a problem-solver, entrepreneur, and healthcare expert who prioritizes solutions for local Coloradans over the politics of Washington DC. From working to lower healthcare costs while increasing choice –to reducing our taxes–to ensuring our schools have the resources they need, Steve is focused on helping us all thrive as we work to get back on our feet.

Jason Crow has allied himself with the radical, polarizing Left-wing of his party. Let’s get our U.S. House representation back on track by electing Steve House — a bipartisan, proven leader who will serve our diverse voices with excellence! 

— Laura Eicher, via [email protected]