LETTERS: State leaders should study implementing Elijah McClain report recommendations across state


EDITOR: I’m proud to be a Coloradan, and I believe that we have one of the best states in this nation. With the delivery of the independent review of the circumstances surrounding Elijah McClain’s death, we have the opportunity now to also be a leader in moving the US toward equality and undoing past wrongs. 

Given that the independent audit has determined that our public officials were indeed lax in their duties, I trust that Gov. Jared Polis will fully support steps to protect the health and safety of all Aurora residents, including charging the officers and paramedics involved, and beginning the process to implement the recommendations provided in the report. 

Furthermore, a determination should be made as to whether these same recommendations should be disseminated across the state. Let’s not wait for another death before we begin to make the important changes statewide.

— Amanda Ramsay, via [email protected] 

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Don Black
Don Black
1 month ago

The panel investigation that you are praising is badly flawed and inaccurate. the chief involved is not an expert in the use of force or investigating the same. If the state manages to prosecute officers in this case, they will have done a bigger injustice than what happened to poor Elijah McClain. In the long run, by your ignorance, you are helping to destroy law enforcement and ultimately endanger the lives of the entire community. I realize that you think that you are doing noble work. But you are sadly uninformed about police work. Unfortunately, people like myself, and countless good officers have no format to defend themselves. The narrative only allows for one skewed version. There is good reason that the officers have not been charged in this sad occurrence. It is not because of incompetence or any cover up.