LETTERS: Small businesses that rely on tech need an advocate in Washington


Editor: Small business owners across Colorado have proven their resilience in the last two years. From COVID restrictions to supply chain issues, it doesn’t matter what type of business – health care, restaurant or clothing boutique. Everyone has stepped up to meet the challenge. For businesses like mine who typically rely on close personal relationships with customers, the COVID lockdown restrictions were devastating. Thanks to innovative tools and technology, those restrictions were not a death sentence for my business.

Reaching customers virtually has now become one more avenue to provide service and reach customers. Like it or not, the success of small business is closely linked and even reliant on the tools developed and provided by technology companies. It’s simply incredible to look back and think about everything we’ve been through and learned in the last two years. Unfortunately, many lawmakers haven’t learned the same lessons or worse, they are choosing to ignore the positive impact of technology in favor of political rhetoric.

I hope our lawmakers in Washington focus on additional relief for small businesses and stop putting the technological gains we have made at risk. It’s a new headache we simply don’t need.

— Tillie Elvrum, via [email protected]

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