LETTERS: Sharing vaccine around the world keeps America safe

Editor: The U.S. needs to expedite the vaccination of all the world’s population as quickly as possible, including (1) approving an IP waiver to allow anyone to make vaccines, (2) distributing our excess vaccines to countries in need, and (3) budgeting US resources such as money, raw materials, and production capacity in order to create and distribute as many vaccines as possible.

It is clear from how the disease spread last year that COVID cases in any country are a danger to every citizen of every country. The U.S. is not and cannot be safe so long as there are outbreaks anywhere in the world.

There is no amount of lost profit, no resource consumption, no level of GDP that is too much to ensure that everyone on the planet has a COVID vaccine as quickly as we can manage it. This pandemic is a much greater existential threat than World War II was, and a similar level of public resources can and should be dedicated to solving it.

— Amanda Ramsay, via [email protected] 

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