LETTERS: Revive a former RTD plan that helped the region’s homeless


Editor: There is a serious issue before the Aurora City Council—namely the crisis of homelessness. We are all aware of tents housing the homeless.

Years ago, former Denver Mayor, Frederico Pena, came to the RTD Board of Directors with a plan to address the homeless situation. Would the RTD Board give bus tokens to assist the homeless in getting to jobs in the Denver Metro area; otherwise, they were stuck in shelters unable to get to available jobs. The RTD Board found a way to do this by working with the Service Providers network who were asked to do the administration and distribution of the bus tokens. Hotel and motel chains were the first to provide jobs and take advantage of this newly available work force.

The program was successful and at the request of the Service Providers the program was expanded to battered women’s shelters as well. And, believe it or not, there were empty beds in the shelters. Unfortunately, at the present time this program hardly exists.

The Aurora City Council needs to “grab the bull by the horns” and work with Service Providers and businesses to fill suitable vacant positions. Warning: This is hard work and “pioneers get all the arrows.” It is worth the effort.

— Kevin Sampson, Former RTD and VOA Board Member

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Joe Felice
Joe Felice
11 months ago

Would RTD even revive tokens? What a great idea they were. I used them all the time. Bought them at King Soopers. And what about small circulator buses that got people to main bus lines? I used those, too. Big buses have no business driving through neighborhoods.