LETTERS: Put a price on carbon emissions

Editor: Thank you for publishing the excellent article about climate change creating migrants and Biden’s challenge to address this complex problem. There is one thing missing in Biden’s plans: putting a price on carbon emissions.
I strongly support The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. This legislation would put a predictable and increasing price on carbon emissions. People worry this will penalize marginalized communities and for example, create the scary need to buy electric vehicles.
The EICDA would dividend the monies collected from industries that emit carbon, back to each American household equally. This will protect marginalized communities and stimulate our economy. We can invest our dividend in the purchase of an electric car if we choose. This is good for people, for our public health and our economy. It will create jobs and rapidly drive down carbon emissions. It’s a win-win-win.
— Lesley LeFevre, via [email protected]
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