LETTERS: Push IRS to be more timely


Editor: How irresponsible is it of our government to those who timely filed 2020 and 2021 income tax returns, are due refunds, but have no idea when they might get them? Please contact your congressman and senators and insist they push for faster processing of tax returns. The majority of filers waiting on refunds may be seniors who still mail their returns. The delay in processing 2020 returns resulted in being unable to electronically file 2021 returns.

An official IRS statement issued June 21, 2022, stated that the “agency is on track to
complete processing of originally filed Form 1040 (individual tax returns without errors)
received in 2021 this week.” My “senior” friends, due refunds, who timely mailed their
returns, still have seen their refunds. Most of these returns were prepared electronically
but could not be transmitted electronically for a variety of reasons.

Aurora congressmen are Jason Crow, John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennet.

Rita Effler, via [email protected]

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Joe Felice
Joe Felice
1 month ago

The IRS has a lot of problems and this is but one of them. Remember when the last guy was going to overhaul the IRS? Yet another failed promise.