LETTERS: Prosecutors need to be held accountable in Elijah McClain trial, too


Editor: In regards to the young man Elijah McCain, one thing I have noticed with cases similar to his is the DA and those who represent the state or county jurisdictions that need to be held responsible as well when they find these officers and responders to be innocent of any wrong doing is absurd.

The DA and law enforcement are 2 separate entities, the DA can’t act like big brother to law enforcement. So until the court of law and those responsible for upholding the court of law who are suppose to be representing the innocent victims of crimes, and are suppose to represent the state or commonwealths of the United States of America, we will continue to still see these blatant abuses, attacks, and killings of men and women of color, the poor, and those who are deemed “suspicious” because they don’t fit an “innocent” human beings physical characteristics.

— Nathan Bankes, via [email protected]