Editor: I appreciate the Sentinel’s endorsement of Proposition FF. I agree that childhood hunger is a big issue… But I don’t agree with the critique that this is an imperfect solution. PROP FF is exactly what hungry kids, as well as teachers and schools need.

Proposition FF will ensure that every child can get a meal in school without facing shame, stigma, or meal debt. It will reimburse schools for meals served, and pay kitchen staff better. We need to stop putting the costs of feeding hungry children on teachers and schools. That is the current situation.

I also disagree with the Sentinel that there will be families who can afford school meals who will benefit. Currently, to qualify for free and reduced meals a family of four must make under $51,388. There are many families beyond that income level who are trying to survive in Aurora – before the recession and even more if it comes to be. Many more hungry kids participated in the program last year when all meals were free with federal funding – participation in the lunch program daily was over 68,000.

Proposition FF does not require families to participate, and more than half do not, even when school meals for all was in place. Families who needed it did. Rather than debating which children are worthy of meals and if some families will take advantage of a program they don’t need, school meals should be a basic part of every child’s public education. This inequity in our school cafeterias needs to stop.

Every child needs healthy food to learn, and we should pass Proposition FF to make sure they all have it. I hope everyone will join me in voting yes.

Kyla Armstrong-Romero, via letters@sentinelcolorado.com

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  1. I ABSOLUTELY AGREE with this writer! $51,000 is hardly subsistence level and doesn’t take into account multiple kids. Two working parents with even two children are likely to desperately resort to prepackaged cheese and crackers or worse, which is no way to fuel little growing brains. For those fixated on this minimal cost, please remember these children need good educational opportunities to fund YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY.

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