LETTERS: Prop. FF is a win for Colorado families


Editor: School meal programs lead to improved health, better grades, higher attendance, and increased graduation rates. Federal funding was provided last year, so public schools could ensure access to school meals to any child who needed one, but the waivers expired.

Colorado districts saw 20-40% more children utilizing school meals and many of those kids may be left behind if we don’t set up. These are children whose families are struggling with rising costs and could go hungry without this important program. We can do something about it by supporting Proposition FF.

This fall voters have a chance to pass a ballot to fund a program to reimburse every meal served by a participating school district, support the ability to purchase healthy and local food, include student and parent’s voices in decisions around what meals are served, and increase wages for the people who work so hard to prepare and serve food to our kids.

This program will help address food insecurity and ensure healthier and happier children in our state. No kid should go without lunch because their family can’t afford it. I hope people will join me in getting this critical program funded by voting yes on Prop FF.

Ashley Wheeland, via [email protected]

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