LETTERS: Price-setting laws could harm patients


Editor: Battling cancer has taught me that there are no guarantees in life. Anything can be taken away, and your perspective can change instantly. My journey to remission was not easy and there were many challenges during my recovery.

I know I would not be here today if it weren’t for our biopharmaceutical companies that continually develop innovative treatments. In America, we have access to the best medications available on the market and we are fortunate to have an industry dedicated to finding new cures.

Unfortunately, future therapies could be threatened if federal price-setting legislation like H.R.3 passes. These policies, while well intentioned, ultimately harm the patients who might need these treatments the most. Patients who suffer from cancer, diabetes, asthma, and other life-threatening illnesses might not have access to new cures, if research halts from bills like these.

I hope our representatives reject price-setting legislation and recognize the sever impact this could have on patients not only in Colorado, but across the country.

— Robert Golden, via [email protected]

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Joe Felice
Joe Felice
1 month ago

My perspective as a similarly-situated person with cancer is a bit different. I know Big Pharma provides the chemicals I have been given, but also know the cost. In my case, $16,000.00 per month!!! I am fortunate that I am on MediCare and also have a supplement plan, but I worry about others who don’t have insurance, because it may have been blocked for political reasons, and wonder what is to become of them. Do they just die because they are unable to afford treatment? Isn’t that what “health care” is all about when we discuss it? I believe that Big Pharma develops chemical concoctions for the sake of profit, not out of concern for patients. We do NOT have access to the best chemicals or the best care in the World. That would be in Germany, where scientists are not constrained by the government or pharmaceutical companies to experiment and develop cutting-edge treatments. We can go there at our own expense, which would probably be around $100,000.00. We may even have our cancer cured, not just put into a state of sleep waiting to awaken. The industry and the government are not dedicated to finding a cure for cancer, and has not done so, despite the billions of dollars the public has thrown their way. The FDA and Big Pharma put a stop to any cutting-edge research in this Country for fear that a cure for something may actually be found, as in Germany. “Treat, not cure, and keep the money coming” is what Big Pharma supports. Has a cure for diabetes been found and approved for use? No, but artificial insulin continues to bring record profits.

I would be willing to offer myself as a subject for research that might find a cure for leukemia, but research is very costly and the pharmaceutical companies won’t fund it, so . . . Even if funded, the head of the FDA has stated that he will never allow such a thing to be approved. It’s called “playing politics with people’s lives” and we do it so well in this Country. So again I ask “Why do Americans hate each other?”

Bat Manuel
Bat Manuel
1 month ago

The kind of innovative medical research the writer describes is publicly funded through universities and grants in partnership with non-profits. Big pharma companies make up a small fraction of genuine research and development. The bulk of private spending is used for marketing and patent trolling to ensure the cost of medication remains as profitable for the patent holders as possible. This reads like an industry-paid shill piece and should be disregarded.