LETTERS: Plant-based diets save lives


Editor: As of April 4, 568,524 of us have been killed by COVID-19. In a single year, 2019, 659,041 were killed by heart disease and 599,601 were killed by cancer. If we believed in science, we would end this massacre.

Without surgeries or stents, Dr. Dean Ornish reduced the chest pain of people with severe heart disease by 90% with a plant-based diet in just weeks. Blood flow to their hearts improved in only a month, and even severely blocked arteries had reopened after a year. Dr. Esselstyn published similar results. More than 600,000 of us die annually from a disease that has already been cured.

How does cancer respond to a plant-based diet? Mayo Clinic staff write that decades of research suggests that the best diet to prevent cancer is all about plants. When researchers tracked nearly 70,000 volunteers, they found lower cancer rates among those who ate no meat at all. Those who ate no dairy, eggs, fish or other meats, had the lowest rates of cancer of any diet.

— Deidra Smith, via [email protected]

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