Editor: For 23 years — from the Columbine attack through the pandemic — my children attended our local schools, where I volunteered and held some part-time support jobs. I watched teachers and staff work to reach every student and engage every family. I saw them adapt to changing populations as families moved on and others moved in. Keeping parents informed and involved is difficult, as is making every child both welcomed and challenged, but our educators keep making the effort.

In the face of disasters, with nearly the lowest funding in the nation, they keep working.

State House candidate Le Sellers’ wife sent out a campaign letter, mostly sweet, about her husband’s work and family life. It’s marred, however, by ugly tales about our schools that do not at all match what I know. The letter accuses our teachers of spreading hate and shutting out parents. Mrs. Sellers does explain they haven’t been involved in schools since Le’s brief employment years ago, so I’m sure they haven’t seen the reality I’ve seen. But if Le Sellers shares this out-of-touch view, I do not want him making vital decisions about our schools.

I support Naquetta Ricks’ re-election to the State House, because I can count on her to work for what our children need to succeed: fully funded schools, up-to-date programs, and educators who are well-trained and well-paid.

Barabra Niederhoff, via letters@sentinelcolorado.com

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