LETTERS: Molly Lamar won’t let politics into the classroom


Editor: Molly Lamar has the knowledge and experience we need on the State Board. She has worked as a bilingual teacher in a Title I school, and she is passionate about the power of education to change lives. Molly knows and understands that education is not one size fits all and she supports school choice. She seeks to lift up our teachers and students and wants the best educational opportunities for all.

As a representative on the State Board of Education, Molly will fight to keep political agendas out of the classroom. She will also work to restore partnership between parents, teachers, and students, because parents deserve to have a seat at the table when it comes to their child’s education. Molly will also ensure that funding makes its way to the classroom, not top-heavy administrations. Please join me in supporting Molly Lamar for the State Board of Education on November 8th.

Debora Scheffel, via [email protected]

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Jennifer Churchfield
Jennifer Churchfield
4 months ago

Agree! I had the pleasure of first getting to know Molly when I served as the President of the Cherry Creek School District Board of Education.

Molly is passionate about education and supporting students, teachers, and the community to ensure that our schools produce the highest academic outcomes for every child. Molly has built strong relationships and trust throughout our community because she has demonstrated the ability to work with everyone. She puts kids, not politics, first.

Molly continues to serve to improve education in our community in multiple ways. She is an active volunteer in schools, a licensed substitute and works to ensure that various extracurricular programs for students work as they should. Molly is respected by her colleagues and constituents. She knows that ALL Colorado children need access to the opportunities and resources to be successful in life and I know she will work every day to see that happen.

Her leadership and experience is the change we need!