LETTERS: Molly Lamar will unite schools


Editor: The last two years have brought division in our schools, and we need a leader determined to bring us back together in the best interest of our children.

Molly Lamar has the experience necessary to do just that. She will put kids first to make sure they are getting the reading, writing, math, and science skills needed to be successful, not just in school but as contributing citizens. In a time where our students are overwhelmingly failing to hit grade-level benchmarks in reading, social studies, and math, we need a leader who will put the needs of students over political agendas. Molly taught in a Title One school as a bilingual kindergarten and first grade teacher. She believes your zip code should not determine the quality of public education you receive. She is a supporter of education choice, so every child has access to the education options that meet their needs.

As a parent, an educator and an advocate for our public schools, I ask you to join me in voting for Molly Lamar for Colorado State Board of Education.

— Stephanie Piko, Mayor, City of Centennial, via [email protected]

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