LETTERS: Molly Lamar will get education money to students


Editor: Molly Lamar, a former public-school teacher, believes that all students, regardless of race, socioeconomic status or zip code should have an opportunity to achieve at grade level and to be productive citizens and achieve their goals. Her commitment to specialized academic support, targeted family engagement, enhanced educational rigor, and college/career preparedness will enrich performance in all school districts throughout Colorado.

Molly will ensure money reaches classrooms and isn’t used to grow administration. She is the mom of four school aged children and would be the only mom on the State Board with students in our public schools. Molly knows we need to respect parents. She encourages partnerships between parents and teachers because she knows engaged parents are the key to student success. Join me in voting for Molly Lamar for the State Board of Education.

Jason Hiram Lester, via [email protected]

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