LETTERS: Metroplex hospitals rose to the occasion during the pandemic

Editor: Over the last year, COVID-19 influenced every aspect of our lives from remote work to virtual school to restricted travel. We had to rethink the simplest of tasks like going to the grocery store or seeing family members. But since the virus was a serious matter of public health, no other industry was impacted more than hospitals.

Right here in Denver, thousands were hospitalized for COVID-19 complications, and our healthcare systems had to quickly accommodate for the significant uptick in patients coming through their doors.

Thankfully, our local hospitals were not only able to treat those diagnosed with the virus, but they were also able to support patients who needed every day medical care.

A few months ago, I required foot surgery, and it couldn’t wait. With coordination from my doctors and hospital staff, I had a successful outpatient operation. Administrative officials, doctors, and nurses were professional, treated me with kindness, and alleviated my safety fears around coming to the hospital in the height of the pandemic. I couldn’t have had a better patient experience.

I am immensely thankful for our hospital systems in the Denver area. Not only were they frontline heroes in treating those who contracted COVID-19, but they were able to support patients like me who needed care for their other medical conditions. Despite the pandemic’s strain on the system, our local hospitals rose to the occasion to continue to provide the best patient care for all.

— Cristi Cota Smith, via [email protected]

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