LETTERS: Major corporations are back to supporting election deniers


Editor: Some of Colorado’s biggest companies have donated to candidates that voted not to certify the 2020 Presidential election.

According to a report by ProPublica, five Fortune 500 Companies based in Colorado have given at least $570,000 to 100 such candidates across the country. ProPublica analyzed spending reports filed by the companies during the 2021-22 election cycle.

Lockheed Martin $365,500
DaVita $139,500
Ball $43,000
Molson Coors $11,000
Dish $10,000

Lockheed Martin pledged to withhold donations from election deniers. Yet after three months and two weeks, Lockheed resumed giving to candidates that denied the election outcome. DaVita made a similar pledge and resumed giving five months and two days later. Molson Coors broke their pledge seven months, three weeks, and one day later. Should we applaud Dish Network for waiting 446 days to resume donations to election deniers?

Out of the 151 donations, only three went to a candidate in Colorado, Doug Lamborn (CO-5). Lamborn has been the subject of House Ethics committee investigations into improper use of funds and staff.

Election denial leads to corruption in the short term and over time can erode the foundations of our democratic institutions. These publicly held companies should consider their fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders. If American democracy crumbles, there will be capital flight on a massive scale. Businesses and innovators will flee to freer shores. The American economy will suffer and the Fortune 500 will lose tremendous value.

—Jonathan Hoover, via [email protected]

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Michael L Moore
Michael L Moore
4 months ago

Thanks for calling them out!