LETTERS: Legislature should let undocumented entrepreneurs participate in Colorado’s economy


Editor: The introduction of Senate Bill 21-199 in the state legislature is a step in the right direction to support an important sector of our economy and the small business community. The bill will allow undocumented entrepreneurs to openly participate in our economy, which is not just common sense, it’s a great way to get our economy back on track during this economic downturn brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

If passed, Senate Bill 21-199 will allow undocumented entrepreneurs to access commercial and professional licenses, pursue federal financing to stabilize their businesses and retain jobs while we overcome the harmful effects of the pandemic.

This is an important issue to tackle because immigrants are the lifeblood of entrepreneurship in Colorado–they work for small businesses, start small businesses and bolster our economic success. They are also twice as likely to start small businesses, and create 1 in 10 U.S. jobs. But forcing undocumented entrepreneurs to work without proper business licenses drives down wages and reduces job prospects for workers.

Our small businesses are facing an unprecedented economic crisis, and our elected officials must consider policies that will foster their recovery. The state legislature should pass this bill swifty.

— Lindsey Vigoda, via [email protected]

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