LETTERS: Legislators should support Public Employee Collective Bargaining bill


Editor: When I came to Colorado, I was a small child with a speech impediment and I was
reading below my grade level. Now, I’m an organizer for New Era Colorado, where I
write and present on a regular basis. I didn’t teach myself; Mr. Stofac sparked my joy in
writing. Mrs. B made flashcards with all the words I struggled to say and helped me
practice. My story is not unique; everyone has learned a crucial life skill from a school
employee. Our educators are the backbone of our workforce, but they cannot afford to

Colorado pays teachers one of the lowest salaries in the nation. On top of that, many
cannot unionize. Public sector employees are exempt from the 1935 National Labor
Relations Act, meaning local governments decide whether or not they can unionize.
Politicians can stop higher ed teachers from bargaining as a group, taking power right out
of their hands.

Everyone should have the right to organize their peers and advocate for themselves.
When employees are able to leverage people power within their jobs, they get paid 20%
more on average. Public employees need the same union protections as everyone else.
Last legislative session, Rep. Daneya Esgar said she would continue to work on a bill that
will guarantee it. Teachers have always supported our futures; now is the time for us to
return the favor by helping Esgar. Call your legislator today and urge them to cosponsor
the Public Employee Collective Bargaining bill.

— Paulina Castle, via [email protected]

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1 month ago

Surprise, a left wing pro union organizer writing a letter to the editor praising collective bargaining. Who would have guessed that approach?

G Parker
G Parker
16 days ago

Even FDR was against Collective Bargaining (CB)…..and he gave us the “New Deal.” It wasn’t until JFK signed an Executive Order in 1963 that our federal government allowed CB. And this was due to JFK thinking he’d loose his re-election in 1964 if he didn’t authorize it. The democrat congress immediately passed laws authorizing CB for federal employees. This could be the “root cause” of our federal bureaucracy and “deep state” we’re witnessing today. Despite laws and rules that say government employees cannot strike, it happens all the time. For anyone who’s had GS employees working for them, you know it’s nearly impossible to fire them. If American citizens want to improve our republic, a great first step would be to abolish CB for government employees.