LETTERS: Jen Gibbons’ reputation marred by editorial board


Re: EDITORIAL: Cherry Creek school board candidate revelations show Gibbons to be not just a bad choice, but a dangerous one

Editor: You should be ashamed of your vilification of Jen Gibbons.

She is a mom, doctor, longtime parent volunteer who is running for a volunteer school board position. You have grossly mischaracterized her. You are damaging her personally- her business relies on her reputation and you are spreading rumors and lies. Your desire for the truth to be different does not make it so.

She has publicly asserted numerous times that she has no affiliation to FEC. She has rejected their endorsement. She is not a political candidate and has no experience running for office and this is supposed to be a non partisan election; unlike her opposition she does not have access to professional campaign managers and endless amounts of money from Unions, PACs and wealthy donors. She is a parent volunteer that wants to serve her community. She filled out every survey sent to her, including your papers.

You have taken information out of context and out of date and it is unscrupulous. You owe her a retraction and a public apology. Where is your coverage of the PAC money in this race? Where is your coverage of Ms Bates personal donations of almost $40,000 and how impossible that is for the average candidate? Where is your coverage of Ms Bates offensive comments on that she has not apologized for? Why are you so vested in getting Bates/Allan elected? Your coverage is biased and bad journalism.

—Melissa Scully, via [email protected]

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6 months ago

So, she is a doctor that is also anti-mask and anti-vaccine mandates?.

Joe Felice
Joe Felice
6 months ago

Editorial opinions are, by definition, biased, but not necessarily “bad journalism.” They are merely opinions, and people are free to disagree or agree, as they wish.

After reading the interview, I still say I’d steer clear of this candidate.

Debra MacKillop
Debra MacKillop
6 months ago

the right has made school board elections political and partisan and divisive, and even dangerous to current board members & families, and candidates too, with stalking and death threats. And being inexperienced in running a campaign is not an excuse for lying and making misleading statements.