LETTERS: Independent investigators should test wells near Lowry superfund site


Editor: After reading the article about delaying testing of well water near the Lowry landfill I must speak out. I have been involved in hazardous waste and environmental site assessments for thirty years. When I first saw the proposal to build homes at this location I thought it would never be approved. The risk of exposure over time as the poisons in the landfill leaked and spread was too great. Apparently the money to be earned by the developer and the taxes paid to the town outweighed public safety. Contaminated plumes of water once in the aquifer do not shrink. They continue to spread as the source leaks more poisons. A great comparison is the Gruman plume on Long Island.

Testing a well can be safely and complete done at the well head outside and does not need face to face contact. Permission to access can be given over the internet or sent in writing. Excuses are unacceptable. Interesting how the testing is also so narrow in scope to only one chemical. When water near landfills known to have received hazardous wastes are tested there is an entire range of toxic chemicals that are needed to be looked for. Covering up what may really be there is no different than covering up the landfill when the chemicals were buried. Test the wells and bring in independent investigators to ensure the work needed is complete.

— Fred Siegel, via [email protected] 

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