LETTERS: In Colorado, a compassionate approach to abortion already exists


EDITOR: Earlier this year, when I was 23 weeks pregnant, my husband and I received the devastating news that our daughter had a genetic condition that was fatal in 100% of cases. She would not live past her second birthday and would know nothing but debilitating illness as long as she lived. We made the agonizing decision to terminate our pregnancy to spare her from a life of pain and suffering. We were not choosing whether our daughter would die; sadly, that decision was made for us. We were merely choosing how much we would allow her to suffer until her inevitable early death.

Because of Colorado’s current laws, we were able to make an informed, compassionate decision. Proposition 115 would take this ability away from us and other parents like us. I urge you to vote no on this measure so that families can continue making the choices that are right for their children.

Laura Thompson, via [email protected]