LETTERS: Immigration status should not dictate reproductive health care


Editor: Immigrant women face huge roadblocks to reproductive health care.

Women of color are dealing with high rates of pregnancy and complications and maternal mortality as a result of these barriers. Low-income women and people in rural areas also have a tough time with obtaining contraception. This doesn’t just impact individuals. This is about the health and dignity of our communities. That is why Senate Bill 9 is so important. This legislation provides coverage for undocumented people to get contraception through the state Medicaid program.

As far as I am concerned, immigration status should not determine who gets to care for themselves and their families and who gets to decide when they become parents or how to build their families and who is denied care and support. I am urging our lawmakers to support this important legislation. It is an important step to support the health and dignity of immigrants and to make sure we all get the opportunity to plan our families and our futures.

— Katherine Riley, [email protected]