LETTERS: Immigrants make Colorado vibrant and deserve a pathway to citizenship


Editor: Immigrants in Colorado have played a large role in making our state into the diverse and successful place that I feel lucky enough to call home, and with the help of Congressman Jason Crow and the rest of our representatives in Congress, they will hopefully be one step closer to the protection that they deserve.

One in 10 Colorado residents are immigrants, with an estimated 190,000 of them having undocumented status. They work hard every day to provide for their families just like the rest of us, serving in industries in desperate need of workers and making important contributions to our state’s economy. Further, there are 166,000 U.S. citizens in Colorado who live with undocumented immigrants. If something were to happen to these individuals, each and every one of us would be impacted. Congress needs to urgently provide a pathway to citizenship for Colorado undocumented immigrants to prevent family separation and secure our economic future.

Thanks to ongoing efforts by Congress that have been supported by Rep. Crow, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to fix our failed immigration system and provide a pathway to citizenship. Despite the Senate parliamentarian’s recent ruling, I remain optimistic that lawmakers can pass these reforms via budget reconciliation and legislation. I thank Congressman Crow for his constant support of our beloved immigrant community, and I hope to see him continuing to fight for pathway to citizenship through all avenues.

— Kevin Burns, via [email protected]

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Joe Felice
Joe Felice
9 months ago

I would agree, so long as the seekers arrived legally. But we can forget doing anything that will “fix” our immigration system. (But thanks, Rep. Crow for trying.) That should have happened decades ago, but never did due to partisan disputes, which will only continue, instead of the politicians coming together to do the right things.