LETTERS: How the U.S. could help Cuba


Editor: Thus far, the Biden administration is all talk, no action, and don’t seem to have any interest in truly trying to help the liberty loving Cubans. What could our country be doing to help the Cubans wanting liberty. Here are a few ideas to consider.

1. Our intelligence community could leak pictures, video, and audio to the world press of damning items that would show how vicious the Cuban Communist Party is towards it people. Provide proof of torture and killings of Cuban citizens etc….. Use propaganda as a tool to ultimately help overthrow the Cuban Communist Party. Saturate the worldwide press with stories detrimental to the Cuban Communist Party.

2. Use our technology to allow all Cubans access to the internet, cell phones, and receive news. The Chinese Communist Party has provided the Cuban bad guys with the technology to shutdown all access to these media; thereby making it almost impossible for the liberty loving Cubans to organize and get updates. Take the offensive with our hacking abilities to damage and/or destroy the Cuban efforts to shutdown this media etc…

3. Warn the Chinese Communist Party and Russia that any interference helping Cuba will be dealt with severely, then be prepared to follow through if happens.

4. Plan doable options to covertly provide guns/ammo to the liberty loving Cubans. Maximize our CIA involvement towards helping these same people.

We’ve witnessed what our intelligence agencies and FBI are capable of leaking during President Trump’s administration. Of course it was all against our President, but maybe they could begin building back their reputations by going after a vicious communist regime that would actually contribute to liberty loving people around the world.

Here’s too liberty and freedom for those willing to fight for it.

G W Parker, via [email protected]

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1 year ago

Wow pretty vicious thought pattern there, unfortunately it was tried and didn’t work. Perhaps a kinder gentler approach instead of our usual ham fisted military option, perhaps we try to be good neighbors.
I have been to Gitmo a dozen times while in the Navy,lived in Miami,one of my oldest friends is Cuban and so on.it important to realize these people are not only our neighbors but are human beings as well. Maybe we disagree on their goals but that doesn’t give us the right to emulate their worst activities.
I suggest we offer much needed assistance based upon their gradual change in leadership to a more representative government. Offer trade fuel, education, foodstuffs, tourists but only if they allow the repressive governmental bureaucracies the opportunity to reform.
There are thousands of decent men and women in that repressive hivernment who if offered positive alternatives might willingly cgange6 but if presented with amy way it you due scenario, ,well we all know where that will go…