LETTERS: Hickenlooper, Bennet must get behind bold climate solutions


Editor: Investing in our climate will create new jobs in clean energy and provide justice at the scale we all deserve and need to address the climate crisis.

Investments in clean energy infrastructure will create good paying jobs, grow our local economy and cut harmful air pollution.

As we make these investments in clean energy, we must prioritize just, equitable solutions, and take the lead of communities most harmed by toxic pollution—low-income and communities of color—and commit to investing in these communities.

I’m looking to Senators Bennet and Hickenlooper to invest in bold climate solutions, grow clean energy jobs, and make sure communities are not left behind in this transition. Let’s meet this once-in-a- lifetime opportunity to grow high-quality, good-paying union jobs that build a safer, more just future.

— Brenda Bronson, via [email protected]

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3 months ago

This opinion article appears to have come directly from the Marxist point papers on “Climate Control” etc…… Strongly recommend anyone who still has an open mind to read Mark Levin’s book, “American Marxism” for the facts and truth and how we can avoid going down the path.