LETTERS: For the self-employed, the Colorado Health Insurance Option makes sense


Editor: The proposed Colorado Health Insurance Option has been a hot topic lately, and there have been many arguments for and against establishing a public option in Colorado from the business community’s perspective. I believe it’s also important to consider how healthcare costs affect thousands of self-employed individuals in Colorado like me who are struggling to access quality health care.

As a self-employed childcare provider, I know firsthand how challenging it is to access and afford health coverage, and I already pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket each month on prescription drugs. It’s been even more difficult to navigate these costs and try to stay healthy as an essential worker during a pandemic.

This is why lawmakers should pass the Colorado Option, a commonsense solution that will increase access to healthcare and provide alternative options for small businesses and self-employed individuals. Our health and our success are in their hands.

— Erin Coughlin, via [email protected]

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