LETTERS: Fighting climate change needs real leadership at the legislature


Editor: We are on the cusp of something great. The state legislature is poised to pass a climate bill that will both put our state on a path to reduce our carbon pollution in a meaningful way and also begin to address the fact that communities of color have long borne more than their share of pollution. I call on our legislators to pass it and the Governor to sign it.

Our weather is getting weirder and more severe as we begin to feel the impacts of climate change. In order to protect our communities and our kids from the worst impacts, we must address it today. Our state is not on track to meet our carbon pollution reduction goals so we need the state to add accountability, verifiability and equity to the state’s plan.

The air pollution in the Denver/Aurora metro area is one of the worst in the entire country according to the American Lung Association’s most recent State of the Air report. Air pollution harms our health, with kids most susceptible to the damage it does, and causes climate change that exacerbates the wildfires our state suffers.

It is imperative that we immediately take action to ratchet down our air pollution to address health costs and the costs of climate change. The longer we wait, the harder it will be so it’s time for real leadership at the state Capitol.

Sandy Wallin via [email protected]

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