LETTERS: Eliminate health care access barriers regardless of immigration status

Editor: Right now, due to systemic obstacles Latinas are twice as likely to experience unintended pregnancy. Ensuring access to contraception is critical to improving and strengthening the health, financial stability and dignity of the people of our state.

Colorado made great strides a few years ago with the creation of a family planning program to help more low-income people and young folks in our state to be able to get access specifically to long acting methods (LARCs), but that fact is very few efforts around expanding or enhancing healthcare access even include undocumented people let alone work to specifically meet their needs. Undocumented people often face huge obstacles to getting any health services due to low wages, a low insurance rate and denial of access to many public health programs. Senate Bill 9 helps to begin to address these gaps by expanding coverage for contraception under Medicaid regardless of immigration status.

We should be doing all we can to eliminate barriers to health services and to addressing the ongoing and harmful inequities that continue to plague many in our state. This bill is an important start! I am urging my lawmakers to pass this important bill into law and to continue to look for ways to address health disparities and improve outcomes for all Coloradans.

— Karla Gonzales Garcia, via [email protected] 

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Dennis Duffy
Dennis Duffy
7 months ago

I know it might seem simplistic, but most women are just as smart as anyone else, and they should be able to get birth control products at little or no cost without a prescription. They don’t need some jaded politician, money grabbing doctor or religious quack dictating their access to these products. I don’t care if they are rich or poor, latinx asian, black, white or whatever. They are responsible for their bodies and their actions.