LETTERS: Democrats don’t care


Editor: We’re not quite two years into the Biden regime, and we’ve watched as our dynamic, powerful America has fallen into a recession and almost third world conditions.

Why should Americans vote for Republicans in November? Look closely at the Democrats’ campaign ads: Democrats don’t care about the faltering economy. Democrats don’t care about violent crime in our cities and towns. Democrats don’t care about ever-increasing fuel and energy and food prices. Democrats don’t care about ridiculous regulations, taxes, and bad policies. Democrats don’t care about two million illegal aliens flooding into our country this year through a “border” that Mayorkas and Harris claim is secure.

Their campaign commercials show that there is only one thing that Democrats care about: all abortions, all the time, any time, for any reason, and of course paid for by the taxpayer. Promotional ads are about abortions, attack ads are about abortions, and with all the chaos and problems accelerated by bad Democrat policies, their single-minded advertising designs distract from those things. America is so much more than abortion – vote Republican and start fixing all those issues.

Jim Kiel, via [email protected]


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1 month ago

Republicans don’t care about improving our roads, bridges and air ports; republicans don’t care about lowering costs of prescription drugs as every republican voted against Medicare negotiating drug
prices with the drug companies like the VA does;
Republicans voted against lowering the cost of insulin for people with private health insurance to 35.00;republicans are talking about restrictions to
Social Security, and a National Abortion Ban.
Republicans voted against capping the cost of
drugs to 2,000.00 a year for seniors. Republicans
are introducing bills to disallow helping people
pay for college. Republicans sure don’t care about
democracy when you hear them continually lying
about the election being “stolen.”

Republicans are so frightened by Trump, they let him
insult their wives, tell lies that are so easy to fact check, and say and do whatever he pleases.

Maybe abortion is not that important to you, but
I believe you will learn just how important it is
to women (and some men) when all the votes are

1 month ago

Yeah, Jim, your second paragraph and the dog whistle word ;regime’ show that you are able to repeat all the ReTrumplicants’ ad contents.

Your party, as witnessed by the current and past Congresses, has demonstrated clearly its inability to lead, or to get anything done, except for corporations and the wealthy.

So Democrats care about a woman’s right to decide her own reproductive care? They also care about getting healthcare for everyone, lifting children out of poverty, forestalling climate collapse, battling demagogues, having the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share of taxes, and treating immigrants and the unhoused as other humans deserving of dignity.

Remember in November.

1 month ago

So what are republican councils, mayors, governors, state and US representatives and senators doing about all these issues across the country and in their republican cities, districts and states? Oh yeah…the only solution republicans offer is ‘blame the democrats’.

Stuart Zeiger
Stuart Zeiger
1 month ago

Wait, what? Which party, for decades, has used abortion prohibition as the CORNERSTONE of their branding and identity? And made sure their base understood that control of the US Senate = SCOTUS judges that will overrule Roe? Your “base” does not care about regulations or tax reduction. They DO care about abortion, “monsters” entering the US via the Southern border, limitation on LGBTQ freedoms, preventing ANY restrictions on gun ownership, etc. Scratch a bit deeper and you find Christian nationalism and/or white supremacy.

Joe Felice
Joe Felice
1 month ago

We certainly don’t care about our country. What a lame thig to say.