LETTERS: Colorado’s environment needs SB21-200

Editor: Colorado’s unique environment is in a state of crisis. Headline-breaking wildfires ravaged the Rocky Mountains last summer, which burned 625,000 acres of land and cost over 200 million dollars. Additionally, mountain temperature is also increasing, resulting in 60 percent less snowpack. Even worse, climate experts assert that these effects from climate change will only worsen.

As a student at the University of Denver and activist intern for Conservation Colorado, I advocate for climate protection. This is why I am calling on State Senators Chris Kolker and Rhonda Fields to vote yes on Senate Bill 200, a bill that will provide strong measures of accountability to polluters and enforce already existing environmental protection laws so that Colorado can reach its goal of reducing carbon emissions by 26% by 2024.

As a young college student who has lived in Colorado his whole life, I want nothing else but to preserve not only the safety and security of the next generation but also save Colorado’s beautiful environment that is enjoyed by everyone around the world.

The safety and security of Colorado are at risk, and I believe your support in this bill can tremendously aid in the fight against Colorado’s climate crisis.

— Daniel Cieraszynski, via [email protected]