LETTERS: Clean energy should be a top priority for lawmakers

Editor: Record-high oil prices are threatening to undermine our nation’s economic recovery. The transition to cleaner energy should remain at the heart of Congress’ plans for continued economic growth. Thank you to Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO), who has sponsored legislation (including the Onshore Wind American Manufacturing Act) to incentivize domestic manufacturing of renewable energy technologies. America invested heavily to develop these technologies – this legislation can help finish the job by supporting domestic manufacturing.

Solar energy is one of the lowest cost forms of electricity today, and its use is surging. More than a quarter-million Americans work in the solar industry, mostly in residential installation services provided by local small businesses. More domestic manufacturing of critical solar components could add to the overall economic and employment impact.

There are similar opportunities for distributed wind energy, which is underutilized in the United States despite prior investments in research and development. Small-scale wind systems are technically feasible for nearly 50 million residential, commercial, or industrial sites across the country. Incentives for advanced manufacturing of wind energy components can deliver significant returns on investment in terms of jobs and carbon reductions.

Trudy Forsyth, via [email protected]

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