LETTERS: Christy Cummings knows what APS students need


Editor: I am writing in support of Christy Cummings for the Aurora Public School Board. Her campaign platform is simple: In 2019, only 24% of APS were able to read at grade level. APS has a budget of $600 million dollars and less than 25% of the students are being prepared well for their futures and the future of our city. If this were the private sector, the Aurora educational enterprise would have gone out of business years ago. (Of course, private sectors don’t get by on tax dollars; they have to actually make a profit and produce a viable product!) Public schools exist to educate children, not to provide jobs for teachers.

During the pandemic when our children were being forced to learn in an online environment that did not suite many of them, she opened her home to create as normal of a learning experience as possible. She hosted learning pod sessions for her child and his schoolmates. The students learned together and continued opportunities for socialization which were so lacking in the Zoom sessions and even invited extra-curricular courses in science, art and mechanics to supplement the basic education the students require. Her knowledge of the education field, mental health and children in general were a great resource to many families, to include my own and would be a missed opportunity if others are not made aware of her excellent skill and giving qualities. She has the ability to assist in our Children’s future and I urge my fellow citizens to support Christy Cummings and Danielle Tomwing for the Aurora Public School Board.

— Christina Buckley, via [email protected]