Editor: Caroline Cornell has a Can-Do attitude and is a Will-Do person. She gets things

I have known Caroline for 18 years. I first met her in kindergarten as my Girl Scout
leader. Through our Scouting experience she has always taught us how important
it is to take the skills we learn and apply them in real world situations. Recently, I discovered my car tags had not been renewed and that it had been over 13 months. This meant I couldn’t go to a kiosk at a grocery store or do it online.

When I called the Clerk’s office to solve my problem, I learned it was going to be
at least 3 weeks before I could get an appointment in the office to renew my car
tags. Which is beyond ridiculous.

This would mean I would have to share a car with 2 other people. Try getting your
mom to work at the hospital, your sister to high school, and you to college 2
hours away.

All with one car.

Not only would this be insanely difficult, but my mom had to take time off work to
figure out how to solve this problem and then take the tag in to get renewed.
Which, by the way, could take hours depending on how busy the office is.
This is just unacceptable. The Clerk’s office needs to be available to everyone at
all times. Not just when it’s convenient for the Clerk. I am proud and confident to
say that Caroline will be that person. Caroline will work tirelessly to make it as
accessible as possible for everyone. At all times.

I am excited to say I will be voting for my Girl Scout leader and help her continue
to serve her community selflessly. This November I ask you to join me by voting
for Caroline Cornell, someone I know will work for you. Not make the rules based
on convenience.

Susan Wilson, via letters@sentinelcolorado.com