LETTERS: Bill to sustain transportation system in Colorado turns out to be bad for small business

Editor: Last year the state legislature passed a retail delivery fee (SB22-260) that all of us now have to pay.

For my small business, we must use a software system that is industry specific, and they won’t alter it for one state. I can’t even pay for an update to address this. Now I have to figure out how report this with my 400 – 500 deliveries every month. I have reached out to government offices for guidance and have been told that I must pay or collect. Little help otherwise.

Did anyone in state government think about how this would negatively impact businesses who have been, and continue to struggle? I wish my elected officials would look for ways to lower our tax burden instead of finding ways to make doing business more expensive and complicated through fee increases. I am deeply disappointed in Governor Polis and the state legislature for passing SB21-260.

Richard Rasperger, via [email protected]

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Joe Felice
Joe Felice
2 months ago

This is how legislatures make laws. They purport to govern industries about which they know little or nothing. Often, they create more problems than they solve.