LETTERS: Becky Hogan’s track record makes her right for Aurora


Editor: Becky is a trusted community leader and I wholeheartedly support her candidacy for the Aurora City Council seat. Becky has a long history of working in the community and a proven track record of reaching across the aisle to bring people together. I really appreciate her servant leadership style because she is humble and willing to do the grunt work that is necessary to make Aurora the right home for all of us. In this modern era of elected officials yelling at each other and refusing to compromise, Becky will bring a much needed breath of fresh air and civility back into our City Council.

Harry Budisidarta, via [email protected]

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11 months ago

Being married to the former mayor seems a thin reason to elect her to council now. She seems to have little more to say that she “loves” Aurora and “Aurora loves her back.” How presumptuous.