LETTERS: Becky Hogan can walk the walk to lead Aurora

Editor: Many of you may know that I served on Aurora City Council for 12 years and my wife, Margee, worked for the City of Aurora for 33 years.

We wanted you to know that this November, five new leaders will be elected to Aurora City Council. This election will affect the direction of our City. It is important that we work to elect the best possible leaders to guide our City through this transition.

Therefore, we would like to introduce you to Becky Hogan, candidate for Aurora City Council At-Large, who we believe has the expertise and experience for this challenging task.

Becky is a 19-year Aurora resident, serves on Planning & Zoning Commission and is Chair of the Korea Committee for Aurora Sister Cities International.

We personally know Becky, and strongly believe that she walks the walk and truly cares about and serves our community. We are excited at the possibility of Becky serving all the residents of our City. Victory in this At-Large election calls for YOUR vote.

We hope that you will join us in voting for Becky Hogan, Aurora City Council At Large this November 2nd.

— Brad Pierce and Margee Cannon, via [email protected]@gmail.com

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Doug King
Doug King
10 months ago

No votes … Until I see specifics from her on the “how” she intends to bring about the changes I’m sure she will tell us she intends to bring to aurora.