LETTERS: Aurora’s Chuck E. Cheese shooting hardly referenced among mass casualty shootings


Editor: During the 10th anniversary of the shooting at the Century Aurora threatre, we heard a lot of references the the recent mass shootings, as well as the reference to mass shootings from our past, such as Columbine and Sandy Hook.

What I find quite interesting, at least regards to Aurora, seldom do we hear about the mass shooting at the Chuck E Cheese near Overland High School. I graduated from Overland in 1993, and the shooting occurred in December of 1993. I even knew someone who worked there, but luckily wasn’t there that evening even though she was called in. I wonder why it seems as if this mass shooting isn’t referenced when state and local media report on mass shootings and gun violence.

— Andrew Jarrett, via [email protected]

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Joe Felice
Joe Felice
6 days ago

True aurorance have not forgotten.

Jeannine Sawicki
4 days ago
Reply to  Joe Felice

I haven’t forgotten

Jeff Ryan
Jeff Ryan
6 days ago

Good question.

4 days ago

Andrew, mass shootings, usually be young white males with battlefield-ready weapons continue unabated. There are also over 140 deaths from firearms, and three times that number of maimings from guns every day in our country.

Often these tragedies get very little or no mention, as if media have just come to see them as everyday events. If I had my way the names of each shooting victim, the circumstances of the shooting, and the ongoing tally of gun violence in our communities would be front page news every day.

I also think it is time to start publishing photos of the physical damage of shootings, just to break the complacency and to arouse public will to say that this epidemic of gun violence must stop.