LETTERS: Aurora needs a return to normalcy, a respected appointee to Ward II


Editor: Polarization has become paralysis. Dissent has become dysfunction that could deligitimize. This mess needs to be fixed–quickly. Would some kind of compromise be possible?

I ask my friends on the left and my fellow Aurorans on the right to consider this: Suppose both sides were to relinquish their current, preferred nominees and instead agree on someone in the middle — someone both sides know and respect. As I understand it, (I may be mistaken) it would not even have to be a resident of Ward II, although that would be a plus.

It would just have to be someone who committed to representing the residents of the Ward and the entire city. It would have to be someone who agreed not to run in November, just serving for the next three or five months until the voters’ choice can be in place. It would also help to grease this wheel if all sides could agree not to make any major legislative changes until the new Council is in place. Then the Council could at least get back to the quotidian business of approving (or rejecting) purchase contracts, rezoning requests, board and commission appointments, and the like.

I have some names in mind, but it is not my place to suggest them here. The Council Members would have their own, better ideas anyway. I just ask for a return to relative normalcy.

— Dale Nichols, via [email protected]

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1 month ago

Of course, the fly in the ointment would be trusting the Socialists on the council to “not to make any major legislative changes until the new Council is in place.” Don’t see that happening. As it is now, they will be forced to table their radical (their words not mine) change until a new council is elected.