LETTERS: Adams County needs Alex Villagran


Editor: I am writing to encourage voters to vote for Alex Villagran for Adams County Treasurer. I learned to know Alex 16 years ago in my capacity as a Colorado State Representative and know him to be a man of integrity with a strong commitment to Adams County. Alex has key treasurer experience which is vital for the Adams County Treasurer’s office – the bank of the county!! I know and trust Alex Villagran and believe he can bring back confidence and trust in our treasurer’s office – something we sorely need in Adams County.

Please join me and many other concerned voters in Adams County and vote for Alex.
Cherylin Peniston, State Representative HD 35 -2007-2014

Cheriylin Peniston, via [email protected]

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Hypocrisy Monitor
Hypocrisy Monitor
1 month ago

What does “I learned to know Alex 16 years ago” mean?